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“Gig” tonight.

August 29th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Music, Words

My band, “Bipartisan Curious,” has its first “gig” tonight… we’re playing a bunch of cover songs at a block party. Wish us luck.
(man, I’m a long way removed from my hipster days… we’re a collection of has-been wannabes who get together after our real jobs to play cover songs… at one practice recently, I looked around the room at the Dockers©-clad, sweatervest-wearin’ assemblage and asked myself how it got to this point… Geezerhood has hit, and hit hard)

…and yes, we are planning to change the name (which was chosen because we’re scheduled to play a couple of parties for politicos up on Capitol Hill)… suggestions are welcomed (they didn’t like my suggestion… “Sasskrotch”).

Follow up
We got in a soundcheck, and the opening act got to play, but we canceled because of a torrential downpour. It was a disappointment, but at least our gear wasn’t ruined. We have another gig lined up on Sept. 12.


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  • Joe S

    good luck. personally, i love the band name, Bipartisan Curious.

  • Don

    Go rock the house down! Being in a garage band is a sheer joy. Like Ben Stiller told that kid in “Keeping the Faith,” embrace the suckiness. Who cares?! I fully understand that I play the drums worse than a quadruple amputee, but man … is it ever FUN! I love it when the guys all get together to jam.

  • pyert

    I like bipartisan curious. Plus sasskrotch is already taken (well saskrotch is). Some dude that makes drum and bass remixes of old nintendo game songs.

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