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Looks like ol’ Clem skinned himself a Hitler!

March 2nd, 2009 · 25 Comments · Art, Found Images, Jaded Brechtian Ennui, WTF

EDIT: WTF? I check my logs and I can’t understand why this post is so popular. Can some of you please leave comments? How the heck did you find it?


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  • Elitekiller12

    lol i love call of duty 5 but this is cool hitler SUCKS i think but he does…yea he does >:}

  • nic

    hoi lelijkert

  • Godwinned

    [...] “Hitler.” [...]

  • craig

    i love that game

  • jeff

    if u think that hitler is a game then your ignorant use the internet and find out what happened to the 6 million Jews that died because of him find how they died it will make you sick

  • josh

    hail hitler

  • nick

    He used to raise his arm up to pretend to be an airplane. Not he looks like a flying squirrel.

  • daan vd donk

    ik val op mannen en hij is lekker.


    you want to hail hitler than you are dum go on the website or wacht what he did to all the jews because he was a mean wicked man who only thinked of him slef.

  • hanya

    hitler sucks to the floor I hate him sooooooooooooooo much!! haha lmao

  • hitlers follower

    everone focuses on the negative of hitler yes he was a horrible person but you have to realize that he also turned one of the poorest nations into a Super power. you have to focus on both sides of the arguement not just the negative

  • h0rk

    ^ Yes, you can say what you want about ol’ Hitler, but he sure made the trains run on time!

    (to the death camps)

    The converse of your argument, which is *painfully* obvious to even the most ignorant person, is that “turning a poor country into a superpower” does not excuse genocide.

  • shonali

    hitler ws just a bad assole and nothing more than that………………………..
    being a superpower is not a big deed as compared towhat he did with the jews……………

  • hitler hater

    how can any of you like hitler i am german but i hate hitler he was a sick disgusting coward who killed his family and himself how can any of you like what he did to the jewish people you desserve to die if you really cherish hitler

  • glala

    I hope fuckin hitler rotts in HELL

  • Godawfulshizzae

    “SuperPower” indeed….there is no ‘both sides of the argument’…..but then history is always written by the victor…..the ‘allied forces’ I’m sure- although not associated with mass genocide during the WWI/II- have their dirty little secrets hidden away, too! Not to take any severity from what was done in the death camps, but there sure were a lot of Russian deaths (genocide??) too!..And no I don’t admire Hitler or his Reich either…..it wasn’t just a job to those participants….and I’m sure the majority got their comeuppance….but I’m also sure that some that were of value to the allies…didn’t….double edged sword indeed….

  • R-R-R-R-RACHEL!!!

    Yes it’s true, hitler is a butthole, and i would have like to skin him myself.

    btw, none of you have mentioned HE KILLED HIS WIFE RIGHT BEFORE HE DIED TOO. that bastard

  • DU

    No proof of that.

  • Karlie

    I Love this picture because Hitler deserves to be steped on. I don’t think anyone in the world could ever be as cruel as he was. Those people he killed and the victims and family members of them will never come to an understanding, they were just inocent people that belived in somthing they had a right to belive in.

  • Mike Unger

    hitler was a tyrant who didn’t kno how to handle the power he had.. he just needed any excuse to blame germany’s poverty on someone. he was no true leader what kind of leader would let his people die and hide in a bunker? then be pussy enough to kill himself!! some leader he was hahahah

  • DU

    Since ya put it that way, sounds like G.W. Bush.

  • Some Person

    Mike unger, try playing an RTS and losing. Then you will know what kind of leader hides and lets his people die.

  • Lucifer

    Childern, calm yourselves. Everyone knows the Jews are good for nothing, long-nosed, money-hoarding bastards. They deserved to be gassed.

    @Mike Unger, You have him misunderstood. He knew his country was falling and he was losing the war. Like a REAL leader, he wen’t down with his men. It would have been very sad to see an entire nation’s military fall, except for their leader. He was a brave and intelligent man. I’d like to see you get to power as fast as him. He knew how to use his power. He did it quite well. He got the nation out of poverty, which he promised to do. It was his duty. He didn’t just blame the Jews though, and it is a common misconception that he ONLY targeted the Jews. He also targeted blacks, gypsies, and many other races/cultures. Get educated before you pretend you’re right.

    Now back to the blame. He blamed them, yes I get that. But the reasons for why he strategically selected the Jews for a primary target. Thats right, strategically. I’m not going to go into any more detail, but I’m sure you can look it up on a government site (those tend to be the only true ones anymore) to get more details.

  • DU

    Government sites are true?

    That’s a joke, right?

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