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Summer Vacay

August 15th, 2010 · No Comments · Words

It’s gonna be quiet here for the next week or so… I’m on vacay and won’t really have much intertron access. Just wanted to take the opportunity to say:

1) From the “You people are Weird” file: for some reason, the “Brigitte Bardot/Woman with the Missing Hand” image had another upswing in popularity. The last three days have seen a 20x increase in traffic to the site, just for that single image. I have no idea where the traffic is coming from (I can’t glean the source from WordPress stats, I’ll have to do a more detailed analysis when I get back).

2) Sorry to sound like a grumpy old man, but, Other travelers suck! I particularly love the pushing, shoving, selfish inconsiderate fuckwits that just have to get off the plane first instead of waiting for the rows in front of them to clear. One bitch in particular pulled this yesterday, forcing herself ahead of me and my daughter, only to walk at a snail’s pace once she got in the jetway. Jeeziz H. Fuck — if you want to be first off the plane, book a seat in the first 10 rows… if you’re in seat 30, just bide your time… trust me, you’ll get off the plane eventually!! Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, are the clueless morons who camp out in the middle of busy corridors (blocking the entire moving walkway is one of their favorite moves), preventing other travelers from getting past.

With passengers like these in abundance, it should be no surprise when flight attendants flip out. Travel stress, cramped airline seats, getting nickle-and-dimed by the airlines for snacks and luggage, etc., isn’t an excuse. Whatever happened to common courtesy, or even a basic awareness of your surroundings?


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